new baby boy posing in a bucket

Sweet Baby Boy Newborn Photos / Welcome, Logan

Sweet Baby Boy Newborn Photos

How lucky is Logan? He has two of the best big brothers to hang out with. Both of these boys love him very much are so good with him. They wanted to hug and kiss around on him all session. There was no bribing going on here to get the boys to hold him. They couldn’t wait to hold him and get photos. I just loved watching them all three together. They were hilarious and really had us laughing.

Logan was a little gem for his session. He was good and sleepy for 90% of the session. He did wake up at the end for a few minutes. I took advantage of that time and got some really cute shots of him awake. I just love all those little faces they make when awake. It is important to have those photos as well.

We styled Logan’s session with grey and green. His mom brought in that adorable hat with his name on it. It fit perfect with the setups. I loved added in my favorite cream setups to set off a little color. I always encourage a little neutral colors. I love the timeless look.

Starting in 2022 all family and sibling photos will be photographed on the bed like below. I feel this is the most comfortable for families and I really love the look better. It is very neutral and timeless!

Here is Logan and his adorable family! <3

Mom, dad and brothers holding their new baby boy for newborn photos
black and white photo of a family getting photos with new baby
two brothers holding their new baby brother
middle brother giving his baby brother a kiss on the head during newborn photos.
oldest brother giving his new baby brother a kiss on the head
new mom holding all three of her boys for newborn photos
new dad holding his boys for pictures during newborn photo session
black and white photo of a new baby boy
dad holding his new son
new mom snuggling her new baby boy
mom and dad photos with newest baby of the family
new mom holding her sweet baby boy
newborn laying on a striped grey and white pillow
lifestyle photos of a new baby boy
new baby posing on his stomach with a sleepy cap on
black and white photo of a new baby boy laying on his belly
baby laying on a grey blanket with a grey wrap
newborn posing on his side for photos
baby on green for newborn pictures
new life with his eyes open getting pictures
sweet baby boy newborn photos
newborn baby wrapped in a cream blanket with a sweet cream pillow
baby posing on a prop for newborn photos
new baby boy posing in a bucket

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Sweet Baby Boy Newborn Photos

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