newborn on a green backdrop with a green wrap around him. He is getting newborn photos taken in Columbia Missouri

Columbia Mo Newborn Baby Photographer / Welcome, Austin

Columbia Mo Newborn Baby Photographer / Welcome, Austin

Two years ago I met this sweet family when they had Hadley. I was so thrilled when Samantha emailed me asking me about booking a session for her second baby! I couldn’t wait to see Hadley again and see how she was with her big brother.

She was so cute and Austin is just a doll. Hadley is a great sister, but she really didn’t want to have anything to do with Austin. We did get some great family shots of them together, but when it came time for siblings shots she wasn’t having it. We tired several times and then moved on. I know this is SOO hard for parents. Trust me I have been there and I know how much you want all of the kids together, but to be realistic, sometimes it doesn’t happen. First and for most we want to make sure your baby is safe. That is the first priority. If toddlers just don’t want to sit or lay with a baby by them then we have to move on. I will always come back after a few minutes and try again. Hadley’s parents were so great and never forced her. That is SOO important. Don’t lose your patients with your toddler. Their world has been rocked with this new baby that has entered the house. That is hard. They are use to all of the attention and now that has shifted. Just keep your patience and we will do our best.

A good tip for preparing them is just talking with your toddler a few days before the session. Maybe have your toddler hold the baby several times before the session and tell them we are getting photos and you will hold your baby sister or brother. And last I am all about bribes. I have three kids and it works. If there is a special candy that your toddler loves, let me know and I can have that in the studio for them.

And last if it doesn’t happen, don’t stress! I am even fine with you coming back in with them one day and trying again once baby is a tad older and the toddler has adjusted!

Now on to Austin! This little guy was just perfect. We got some great sleepy shots as well as a few shots of him awake. 🙂 His mom picked green and grey and I think those colors worked perfect for his session 🙂

For family shots they picked the lifestyle setup, which I am SOOO in love with. I just love these images so much more than the traditional backdrop I have used in the past. I feel like everyone is more relaxed being able to sit. I love the textures and colors of this setup!

Sweet baby boy in his dads arms
Dad holding his sweet baby boy
Perfect newborn photo
First time the family has a photo with new baby boy
Mom and dad holding their new baby boy
new mom snuggling her baby boy
mom snuggling her sweet baby boy
relaxed pose with mom and her baby boy
newborn baby boy wrapped on a grey wrap laying on a bed
newborn wrapped in a cream wrap
newborn wrapped in cream wrap with a cream bonnet posing for newborn photos
baby boy on a trench bowl wrapped in grey
black and white photos of baby boy
black and white of newborn baby
awake baby shots
newborn photos of baby on green
baby laying on his belly for his photos
newborn on a green backdrop with a  green wrap around him.  He is getting newborn photos taken in Columbia Missouri
new baby photos in Missouri

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Columbia Mo Newborn Baby Photographer / Welcome, Austin


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