Mid Missouri Milestone Photographer / Nash Turns One!

Mid Missouri Milestone Photographer / Nash Turns One

This little guy really made us work for his session. He is such a happy little guy, but he was ALL over the place! He doesn’t walk, he runs everywhere he goes. He would sit down for about 3 seconds and was off. And of course he wasn’t really happy with us when we would try to make him sit! LOL

He was so distracted during his cake smash that we ended up putting him in a high chair to contain him! Once he sat still for a few minutes he realized the cake was pretty fun and then dug right in. He has more fun playing in it then eating in it, but I am fine with that! It is so fun to watch them playing in it.

We finished off the session with a bubble bath in my little bucket. That is alway a hit with babies. They always love the water and it makes for really sweet photos!

A few tips for a successful cake smash: Mid Missouri Milestone Photographer / Nash Turns One

Introduce baby to cake before the session. If they have never had cake they won’t like it. They really never like a food for the first time. Give them cake a couple of times before the session so they know what it is.

Make sure baby is well rested before your session. I will work around nap schedules. I want baby good and happy when he or she arrives.

Make sure they have had food or a snack. Don’t wait to feed them thinking they will eat the cake. If they good too hungry they may not want cake.

Bring along puffs or some type of snack and water. Sometimes I hid puffs in the cake if they don’t show any interest!

Don’t stress about outfits! I have several cute rompers you can borrow if you don’t have anything of your own! 🙂

One year old posing on bucket for milestone photos
baby boy getting photos taken in a studio
sweet baby boy sitting in a bowl
sweet little boy posing for his baby photos
one year photos on a boho bed
family photos for one year old session
one year old staring at his cake
one year old getting cake for his cake smash photo session
baby feet with cake on them
one year old baby boy digging into his first cake
baby eating cake
baby photos with a cake
baby throwing cake off his high chair
happy baby eating cake
Mid Missouri Milestone Photographer
one year old washing off in a tub
playing in bubbles
baby trying to drink the water

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