baby sucking on his fingers

Newborn Hospital Photos / Boone Hospital Center

It is so crazy looking back on this Fresh 48 session that I did in February. It seems like yesterday, yet so long ago. LOL. I had no idea when I walked into the hospital that day to meet sweet Oliver that it would be the last time I would do a Fresh 48 session for who knows how long. It never ever crossed my mind that a virus would hit that would leave us all stuck at home for months.

It has been so hard not being able to these sessions for families. Right now I am doing lifestyle sessions in the home or just refunding my clients for the session. I also have another idea in place that is still just a thought. I have also passed on tips to my clients to help them capture those memories as well!

I honestly have NO clue how long it will be until we are allowed back into the hospital. I have a lot of doctors and nurses come in my studio and they honestly don’t know either. Unfortunately, I have had a couple tell me that I shouldn’t count on being allowed back in anytime this year UGH. That just stinks, but of course safety is always my number one concern for everyone.

Here is my last Fresh 48 Session. Hopefully we will be back in the hospital shooting again soon!

baby boy's first photos in the hospital
sweet baby pics
baby boy laying his his basinette
mom holding her baby boy
baby feet
mom snuffling her sweet baby boy
baby sucking on his fingers
mom and her sweet baby boy
first family photos
family photos
mom and dad holding their baby boy
dad holding baby boy
dad with newborn son d
Dad snuggling his baby boy
perfect newborn baby boy
sweet baby feet n
newborn baby boy yawn
newborn pics
mom holding baby boys head

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  • Caralee Case

    These images from the hospital are absolutely magical!!!!! I don’t think I ended up with any pictures from the hospital with both my kids. Things were so chaotic I was just trying to keep this little person alive. LOL I am SO happy that this is an option for families now., those first few hours and days are so precious.

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