Preparing For Your Fresh 48 Session

Best Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer

Having a new baby can be the most exciting time of your life. Fresh 48 sessions are a wonderful way to capture those sweet brand new details of your new baby!

Book Your Session in Advance:

Since I am basically on call for Fresh 48 Sessions I take a limited number each month. I want to ensure I have a spot for your family.

Contact me as soon as baby arrives:

It is very important that you text me as soon as baby is here. I typically come up the following day for your session so I may have to rearrange my schedule. Once you text me we will discuss how everyone is feeling and then we will plan your session day and time. I shoot all fresh 48 sessions at 10:00 am or 1 pm.

What to expect:

Having a baby is exhausting, exhilarating, and often becomes a hazy memory as you navigate motherhood with this new little person. Fresh 48 sessions aim to capture the emotions you feel during this amazing and impactful moment in your life, so the sessions are documentary in nature. No props or poses, just you and your brand new baby.

When I arrive I will open up all of the blinds and tidy up a few items that may be out of place. I will begin with photos of the baby on their own in the bassinet and then head into family and parent photos. Throughout the session I will be guiding you with simple prompts and will do my best to capture all images within 45-60 minutes if a full session. 30 minutes of you have booked a mini session. I want to ensure that your session is as easy and stress free as possible.

Don’t worry if baby gets fussy and needs to eat, I will happily capture nursing images, or take this time to document hospital room details.

What to Wear:

First and foremost, I recommend wearing something comfortable! Most moms choose a robe, yoga pant, and nursing tank tops. Pink Blush has some gorgeous floral robes which photograph beautifully. For dads, a t-shirt and jeans is great. I suggest a neutral, solid color shirt and to avoid busy patterns, bright colors, and words/logos that may distract from your new baby. Keep things simple and comfortable. Sibling images can be kept simple as well or anything that coordinates with mom and dad. Stay away from super bright colors for them as well. The lighting in a hospital can be a little challenging and bright colors can leave a color cast on baby.

Baby only needs to wear the hospital shirt, diaper and hospital blanket. I like to keep baby in these items as they best document their life in the first few days of life. If you have a special swaddle or hat you would like to incorporate, I will happily include those items at the end of the session.

Mom’s don’t worry about looking like a movie star the day after you give birth. Toss some tinted moisturizer, mascara and dry shampoo in your hospital bag and you’ll have everything you need!

Before the Session: 

Notify the nursing staff that you will be doing your photoshoot for 30-60 minutes and to please keep the interruptions to a minimum during this time.

Give baby one last feeding before I arrive so they are nice and sleepy . Have the baby in the hospital’s white t-shirt or a neutral onesie and wrapped in the hospital swaddle blanket when I arrive.

After the Session:

Within 8 hours I will have a sneak peek for you to share on social media if you wish.

Within 14 days your gallery of 20-50 images will be delivered to you via digital download.

I want you to look back on these images and feel the weight of your new baby snuggled on your chest, feel the softness of their sweet fluffy hair, and feel the love for your partner as you watch them sway your baby to sleep for the first time. These are the moments I want you to remember 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What happens if my baby doesn’t arrive on their due date?

Don’t worry! Babies rarely arrive as scheduled and I am prepared for early or late arrivals. When you book a Fresh 48 Session, weeks 38-41 are blocked off on the calendar, meaning that if your little one arrives anytime during that window, I will be available within 48 hours for your session. If there is a conflict around your due date I will discuss that with you prior to booking.

Can older siblings be in the photos?

Absolutely! One of my favorite moments to capture is big brother or sister meeting the new baby for the first time. I suggest having dad or grandparents bring siblings in towards the end of the session after the individual images are finished.

How do I contact you when baby arrives?

Most clients have a list of friends and family they want to contact when the big day arrives: add my number to that list. That number will be emailed to you when you book. Once you head to the hospital in labor, have your support person contact me (text or email) and then contact me again once baby arrives. Most sessions will take place the morning after baby is born and all sessions must take place during the daylight hours.

Please feel free to email, text or call with any questions.