Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions are one of my all time favorite sessions.  A Fresh 48 Hospital Session is a great option for parents who want to capture those first few days of their new babies life, but do not want a full birth story.  Fresh 48 sessions occur 12-48 hours after the birth of your baby.  I will have new parents text me once baby is here and we will schedule a time for me to come to the hospital. I like to keep these sessions very simple with no props.  I love to capture baby in the long sleeve t-shirt that the hospital provides. The shirts are very simple and neutral.  We will also get photos of baby swaddled.  I will bring some wraps, but parents are welcome to bring wraps they want in the photos as well.  If you have an outfit you want your baby in, we will put that on him or her at the end of the session.  Remember that outfits and headbands can be big on newborns and can take away from the baby.  Try to make sure headbands and hats are small so they will fit well. I love including parent's and siblings in photos as well.  If siblings will be in the photos we will do those photos first. For wardrobe I have parents keep it fairly simple.  Try to stick with more neutral colors.  Nothing loud and bright.  Mom I know that you have just given birth so please dress in something that you are comfortable in.