Newborn Lifestyle sessions will take place in the comfort of your home when baby is 2 weeks and older.  The main focus on the session is the connection between parents, siblings and baby.  Most of the photos will have someone holding baby.  I will capture a few of individual shots of baby in his or her nursery.  I typically use various rooms throughout your home.  Once I arrive I will walk through your home and find the rooms with the best light.  I prefer to use all natural light for these sessions. Please know that if you have a very light and bright home your images will reflect that and they will be light and bright.  If you have a darker home with little natural light, your images will be darker and take on a more moody feel.  The images you will get will reflect on your home and the lighting. Lifestyle sessions are very laid back.  I don't do any posing during this session so if baby is awake that is fine!   I have had several clients interested in both a studio and lifestyle session.  I now offer an "add on" package where you can add a mini studio session to your lifestyle package.  If interested email me for more details!