Fresh 48 Tips

I know this is a very hard time for all you new mama’s. Fresh 48 sessions has always been my favorite session and it just breaks my heart that I can’t be there with you at this time to capture these beautiful images. I want to help in any way that I can so I have created a few tips that will help guide you through your session. If you are a client of mine and want me to edit these photos for you just email me and I will direct you on how to send them to me. Your edits won’t look exactly like my work since you will be shooting in a different format, but I will try my best to replicate my style for you :). If you want more direction while you’re shooting I would love to setup a time to FaceTime or Zoom with you and I will walk you through the process as you go! And remember iPhones take great photos so if that is all you have that is totally fine. Use what you have. Any photos are better than no photos!

Outfits: I go over outfits in my tip guide as well and you can click HERE to see that if you want.

  • Keep your outfits very simple and neutral. Mom’s just make sure the top will fully cover you and you wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Dads wear a plain shirt with no logos or any large print. Stay away from bright neon colors. These will create a color cast on baby’s face when photographing them.
  • I love just keeping baby in the white onesie that the hospital provides. I think this keeps the photos timeless and I just love the look, but of course that is completely up to you.

Tips for shooting:

  • You want to make sure you shoot during the day when the light is best in your room. Over the years I have found around 10-1 is pretty good at most hospitals. But it also depends on what room you are in. Just go with your best judgement.
  • Turn ALL lights off in the room. Trust me here! The lights throw a yellow tint and will make your photos look terrible so turn them off. If it’s a little dark in the room that’s okay!
  • Clean up any stuff that might be in the photos. Cups, bags, phones, phone cords, anything along the window should be moved. If you have flowers I do put them in the background for a nice touch, but you want to keep things clean where you are shooting.
  • Make sure you push the baby’s bassinet right up against the window. You want that light going down one side of the babies face. Here is a photos that I stepped back from and took. I keep the bassinet like this when getting all of those up close shots as well!
new baby photos
  • Walk around baby and shoot different angles. You will see below that I get a variety of different angles and shots.
  • Get up close and get some detail shots of their tiny fingers and toes.
  • Make sure to get shots of mom and dad with baby! Ask a nurse to get a photo of both of you together. You can see below how I pose parents. Nurses are so great and they will be more than willing to help.
  • I typically start with baby swaddled and then I slowly un-swaddle them. If you are having trouble swaddling have a nurse help. They are wonderful at that!

If you have any questions at all during this time facetime me and I will help. I want you to have a successful session and get those sweet images you deserve! Here are a few examples below of a full gallery, but you can see more if you view my gallery HERE.

Fresh 48 Hospital Session
New parents with new baby