Baby Girl Studio Photos / Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Baby Girl Studio Photos / Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Cassidy’s mom booked me for a maternity session and I just couldn’t wait to meet Cassidy. I was having a run of boys. I hadn’t had a girl in my studio in about 4 months so it was time. Don’t get me wrong I love little boys, but I was missing being able to use all of my girl props.

This session is one of my favorites because her mom was all about the cream and neutral colors. Of course my true favorite. Neutrals are so timeless and they won’t be dated in 5-10 years 🙂 Plus you can hang these images anywhere in your home and they will go great and coordinate with any style.

Cassidy was so sweet during her session. She was so full of smiles and you can see some of them I captured below!

Baby girl posing on a cream blanket with cream wrap around her
Baby girl posing for her first newborn session at 6 days old
A newborn baby girl laying on her back with a beautiful cream wrap around her.  Baby is 6 days old posing for her first newborn session
newborn photos of baby smiling.
Beautiful baby laying on her back stretching during her newborn session.
Up close photo of a brand new baby girl wearing a sweet cream bonnet.
Baby is posing in a cream bucket during her newborn session with Rachel Demand Photography
vintage wrap with a newborn baby girl laying on it for her photos
Baby girl in her dads arms
First family photos with mom, dad and new baby girl
Baby girl in her mom's arms
Baby girl snuggled up with her daddy on his shoulder
sweet baby girl that is only 6 days old with her mama.

Rachel Demand Photography is a premium photographer serving Columbia Missouri and the Mid Missouri area. Rachel specializes in Maternity, Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions, Newborns, Babies and Family photo sessions. To book a session with Rachel Demand Photography, or to get more information on a session, fill out the contract me infor HERE. If on a mobile device email me at

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  1. Every single image is perfect! Your work is so beautiful.

  2. Elisha Weger

    Absolutely adorable. I love love love the neutral palette!!!

  3. Rachel! This is just a gorgeous session. I LOVE neutrals as well and you do them so beautifully. <3 Love your work!

  4. Love all of the neutrals used, such a beautiful happy baby.


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