Mid Missouri Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer, Welcome, Mavrik

Mid Missouri Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer, Welcome, Mavrik

I was so excited to meet this sweet little guy last summer. He is gorgeous with all of that amazing hair! As you can tell we were stuck in a VERY tight room. I could hardly move around, but we made it work and got some amazing photos of this sweet family!

Hospital photos
New life photos
Fresh 48 pics
Baby feet
Best Fresh 48 Photographer in Columbia Missouri
Baby snuggles with mama
new baby photos
First family photo
safe in daddy's hands
Dad and his son
Hospital images
brand new baby

Fresh 48 Hospital sessions are a great way to capture those first few days of your sweet newborns life. We capture all of those sweet new details that we often forget about as baby grows. These are wonderful memories to have 🙂

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