Hospital Fresh 48 Pictures / Welcome, Rory

It is always such an exciting time to get to go into the hospital and meet new babies for the first time. I just LOVE Fresh 48 Hospital sessions and feeling the love of a new family. When siblings are involved it is great to watch them with their new baby brother or sister. There is always so much excitement in the room and they are typically excited to hold their baby and take photos. These are such great memories to have. Time will go by so fast and it is so hard to remember those first few days of your little ones life. Having this time captured gives you the opportunity to look back on them when you start to forget 🙂

Sweet Rory is so loved. Her big sister is so in love and I know they will have such a great relationship and be best friends. Of course her mom and dad are over the moon over her as well!

Columbia baby photographer
Mom with her girls
Mom snuggling with both of her girls!
First family photos
New Life photos
big sister holding her baby
Sweet baby girl
New life pictures
Baby girl photos
Fresh 48 Pictures

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