Columbia Missouri Lifestyle Session / Welcome, Carter

Columbia Missouri Lifestyle Session / Welcome, Carter

Carter’s mom had actually booked me for a fresh 48 hospital sessions. Unfortunately, Cater had a few complications at birth and had to be admitted into the NICU. Because of the unknown of when a baby will be released, it makes things a little complicated. This is also a stressful time for parents. I always let parents know that if this session doesn’t work out at the hospital I will do a mini lifestyle session in your home. That is what we had to do for this little guy. When he was discharged he was sent home so it just wasn’t going to work to get those fresh 48 photos. Now with that being said I also will come into the NICU for photos if you want those photos and if the nurses and staff are okay with me coming in. I leave that up to the parents 🙂
When Carter was about 2 weeks old I went to his home to do a mini lifestyle session. He is just the sweetest little guy and all of those sweet cheeks :). I just wanted to squeeze him LOL.

Here is sweet little Carter.

Mama with her baby boy

First Family Photo

Mom and Dad photos

Dad holding his baby boy

Baby in dads hands

Newborn Photo

Natural photos

Lifestyle newborn session

new life photos

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Carter’s Video

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