Newborn Photographer Mid Missouri / Lucas

Newborn Photographer Mid Missouri / Lucas

I was happy I was able to capture these sweet memories of Lucas for his mom and dad! I do some volunteer work on the side that I don’t talk much about because it is a hard subject to talk about, especially when I am photographing babies all day long. Most parents don’t want to hear about what I do since it is essential a nightmare that most parents worry about. I am a volunteer photographer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I photograph babies who have passed away and babies in the NICU that aren’t expected to live. The point of this post isn’t to go into the details of this, but yes this is VERY HARD! Well Victoria contacted me because she found me on the site of volunteers. She actually volunteers for NILMDTS as well. She is a DRA which is a digital retouch artist. So she does the editing portion! As photographers we can get very busy so we can send out images off to a DRA and they will edit them for us. I have taken advantage of this several times and it’s so helpful.

It was SOO nice to have Victoria to talk to and understand what it is like doing these sessions. I am also honored that she chose me to take her sweet little boys newborn photos.

Now on to Lucas! He was such a champ throughout the session. He was just amazing to work with. We kept this session pretty neutral with some brown and cream tones. Lucas is a rainbow baby so mom wanted to incorporate a wrap to represent this. A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a loss.

Here is sweet little Lucas and his family!

Dad holding baby boy

mom snuggling baby boy

First Parent shots

New baby posing on belly

baby boy with bonnet

perfect newborn baby boy

newborn photography

detail photos

baby on brown backdrop

black and white photos

baby wrapped up

baby boy stretching

baby in bucket for newborn photos

newborn photos

detail photos

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  1. Alyson

    You do beautiful work and I’m not just referring to your portraits. Being a NILMDTS photographer must be heart breaking. Thank you for being there for these families.
    Also, what a sweet element to have wrapped this baby in a rainbow!

  2. Oh my goodness I’m loving all the cuteness. I really love the rainbow picture, I’m so happy that momma has her sweet healthy baby boy. What a wonderfully done session.

  3. Shawndelle

    These are amazing newborn images. Congrats to the happy parents. Such a precious little one.

  4. Annie

    Absolutely beautiful rainbow baby session!

  5. PERFECTION! I love every single one of these.


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