Columbia Missouri Birth Photographer / Jackson’s Birth

Columbia Missouri Birth Photographer / Jackson’s Birth

About a year ago I got the best email ever! Tabitha messaged me saying she was pregnant and she was a surrogate for another family who was unable to have children. How amazing is this! Tabitha has two adorable little boys of her own so this would be her third pregnancy. I was able to meet Tabitha along with Stacey and Ryan when she was around 4 months along. They knew at this time they would be having a little boy and I learned what wonderful people both of these families are! When you think about how these two families ended up meeting it was definitely the work of GOD bringing them together. Stacey and Ryan live in Illinois and they didn’t know Tabitha and Joe. They had never met before.
It is amazing how it worked out for both families!

On August 28th Tabitha sent me a message that they were going to send her over to the hospital to monitor her because she had a high blood pressure reading. They ended up keeping her and inducing her. I was afraid this would go pretty fast for her since this is her third pregnancy, so I headed up to the hospital around 3 pm.

It ended up being a pretty long wait. I watched how stressful this was on the parents to be. Waiting patiently for their little guy to get here safely!
Finally at 1:39 am Jackson Ray decided to enter this world! It was the most amazing experience I have ever photographed!

I have added a few photos, but the video really tells the story!

Joe, Tabitha, Ryan and Stacey, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this experience with you all! It was amazing and I will always remember this birth 🙂 I am so glad you will have these amazing photos to look back on and to show sweet Jackson someday!

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