Columbia Mo Birth Photographer | Welcome to the world Will

Columbia Mo Birth Photographer | Welcome to the world Will

Words can’t even explain the joy I had of photographing this birth! I will start from the beginning when Becky contacted me to let me know she was interested in having her birth photographed. She was getting ready to move back to Columbia from out of state. So here she is very pregnant and moving her family of 5. Most of us know how stressful moving can be in the first place, but add being pregnant to that and you can only imagine!
Once Becky and her family got settled in we meet up to chat about her birth. She has three other children. Her first was a home birth, her second pregnancy was with twins and she tried to birth them at home as well. That pregnancy ended up being an emergency c-section. For medical reasons mom wasn’t even awake during the delivery. Now I am a VERY open minded person and you have to be with this job! I don’t care how you bring your babies into the world! That is totally your choice, it’s your body and your baby. My kids were all c-sections and to this day I fight to make it known that I delivered my babies! Even if they arrive via c-section mom still delivered them. So I thought it was so awesome that she was going to try for another home birth, but I was a little scared and nervous for her. Which takes me to this point. When you book me as your birth photographer, I don’t just come in to take photos of you. You become my friend and I end up connecting with about 99% of my moms. We meet up for lunch and go over your birth plan and then I text you way too much when I go on call LOL. I care for each and everyone of my moms and I admit I have gotten nervous for my clients in several different situations! I am human. I totally supported Becky in her decision, but I was nervous for her!
I got a text around 7:00 am on July 14th with Becky telling me she had been in labor all night. The midwives were on their way to her house to check her and see how she was doing. Around 8:00 she texted me and said to come. I got in the car and was on my way!!! I was so nervous that she was going to go fast since this was her third pregnancy. Unfortunately, for Becky things were pretty slow for her. Watching all of my clients give birth is amazing, but these women who do it natural. I can’t even imagine!
Becky was such a rock star. She pushed though some really hard times during this birth, she was also scared, nervous and in pain. At 1:06 on July 14th William Tobias made his entrance into the world. His gender was a surprise and it was so much fun seeing all the reactions in the room. Mom and baby were perfect. Everything went perfect for Becky and I was so happy that she got the home birth she was dreaming about.
Here are a few photos from the birth. Becky and her family chose to keep the video and most of her photos private, which I totally respect. If you hire me as a birth photographer please know that these are your personal images and I understand if you don’t want them shared. It’s your birth and I respect that. I only post photos that the family has okayed.

I also want to give a big shout out to Columbia Area Midwives! These ladies are amazing! If you are planning a home birth I highly suggest you contact this awesome group of women. They are so supportive and caring.

mom during home birth labor

dad supporting mom during birth

laboring at home

Fresh new baby

dad holding baby

Fresh baby

kids meeting baby for the first time

Family enjoying new baby

birth photos

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