Missouri Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer | Lorelei’s Fresh 48 Session

Missouri Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer | Lorelei’s Fresh 48 Session

I was lucky enough to photograph Lorelei several times during her first few weeks of life! Her first session was her Fresh 48 Hospital session. Again one of my favorite sessions! She was just 48 hours when I went up to the hospital to see her. Mom had a c-section so I wanted an extra day to make sure she was feeling well enough for photos and after she was allowed to take a shower 🙂
I had the best time with the entire family. Lorelei is the sweetest and I really just wanted to sit down hold her and squeeze those adorable cheeks! 🙂

A lot of people don’t realize that you can hire your own photographer to come into the hospital for photos! I know the hospital has someone there to do photos for you, but they do a pretty quick job. I like to keep my Fresh 48 Sessions very simple and lifestyle. I like to include parents and siblings if siblings are available. To me it is about the bond between family member s and the new arrival. You won’t get that with a photographer hired by the hospital!

Here is sweet little Lorelei!

Family photos

Mom and dad holding baby girl

Mom kissing baby girl

Dad kissing baby girl

Newborn baby girl photos

baby girl wrapped in a cream wrap

Fresh 48 Hospital Photos

Baby Feet

The best newborn photos

First newborn photos

Missouri Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer | Lorelei's Fresh 48 Session

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Rachel Demand Photography is a premier photographer serving Columbia Missouri and the Mid Missouri area. Rachel specializes Birth, Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions, Newborn, Baby and Family Photos. To get more information on a session or to book a session please contact Rachel HERE.

Please be sure to book your Fresh 48 Newborn Hospital well in advance. Rachel books a limited number of Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions per month.

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  1. Kat

    What a gorgeous session! Such tender moments – I’m in aweeahhhh… Makes me want another baby!!

  2. Absolutely precious. I love, love, love seeing all of these.

  3. Corrie Gamel

    so cute-nice work

  4. These are so precious!!

  5. I had never heard of that kind of professional photography before, so I learnt something new. Thank you!

    I like the simplicity and slight fuziness of the shots. The image of the feet has to be my favorite!

    Job well done! 🙂

  6. Ksenia

    Love fresh 48 session!! What a great way to remember special moments!


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