Baby Photographer Columbia Missouri | Charlie’s One Year Session

Baby Photographer Columbia Missouri | Charlie’s One Year Session

Oh sweet Charlie! I can’t believe it has been a year since he came into the studio for his newborn session. He had to spend a few days in the NICU so he was around 3 weeks old when he came in. I remember mom telling me he didn’t sleep, AT ALL! LOL The reason I will never forgot that is because Charlie slept the entire session! Not kidding. They were pretty amazed and I think mom and dad got some rest as well during the session. Fast forward to his 3 month session. We get all the cute shots and then he goes to sleep! So I was able to pose him at 3 months old. That never happens and I never promise it LOL
Charlie has always been the happiest baby. He is always smiling and his blue eyes are just a shining. It is sad for me when these one year sessions come up because I know I won’t be seeing them every few months. I get attached to all of my clients and I will miss sweet little Charlie!
Of course he rocked his one year cake smash session 🙂

A little look back at Charlie!

Newborn Session
Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

3 Months
Milestone photo session

6 Months
Baby sitting in a bowl

9 Months

And One Year!

Cake for Cake Smash Photo Session

Baby smiling

Baby touching cake for cake smash session

Baby eating cake

Hands with cake all over them

Smiling baby boy

Baby enjoying his cake

Smashing Cake

Tub session

One Year Session outside

One Year photo Session

Family Photos

Charlie’s Video

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  1. What a cutie! Gorgeous catchlights.


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