Studio Newborn Photos | Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Studio Newborn Photos | Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Ruby was in the studio for her newborn session about a week after her Fresh 48 Session.  If you missed her Fresh 48 Session be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page.  You don’t want to miss it!  She was so cute and sweet.  You can see a big change in her in just that week.  Those sweet little cheeks weren’t near as full when she came in for her newborn session.   She was still as adorable as ever!  Big brother was pretty smitten by her and did a fantastic job with her.

Newborn Laying on stomach

Baby smiling

Baby wrapped in white material wrap

Newborn laying on stomach with wrap around here

Newborn baby laying on back in a white wrap and headband

Dad holding baby girl

Dad snuggling his daughter

Mom and dad holding baby

 Studio Newborn Photos | Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Mom kissing on her baby

Newborn with bonnet on

Newborn on her back in a cream outfit

I just love bonnet’s on baby’s!  Especially little girls.  It just melts my heart. Baby girl in bonnet laying in a basket

Newborn posing in a bowl

Brother holding his sister

To see Ruby’s Fresh 48 Session click HERE

Ruby’s Video

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  1. Mandi pol

    Oh my goodness! These newborn portraits are perfection! You did a wonderful job capturing this family! I love that weathered wood backdrop you used. It looks so timeless and classic and absolutely beautiful.

  2. Sophie

    Aww, love your style! So simple yet amazingly gorgeous. What a beautiful newborn!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Big fan of your work Rachel!

  4. Debbie L

    Gorgeous newborn photography! I love the one with the open eyes!

  5. sara

    So precious!


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