Myra’s 6 Month Session | Columbia Missouri Baby Photographer

Myra’s 6 Month Session | Columbia Missouri Baby Photographer

Myra is on my baby plan so I got to see her again at her 6 month session. They change so much from their newborn session to 6 months. It is fun to see the little personality come out in these little ones.

This age is really one of the easiest. Most of them aren’t as mobile and will sit for a longer periods. If they are crawling I will grab a few props to put them in to contain them! Most 6 month olds are fairly happy and they don’t have stranger anxiety yet. When they come back for their one year session it is a totally different story!

Myra was happy as can be, as you can tell! And please know that when we put a baby in a basket or prop that mom or dad is right there by them in case they try to tip if over. I cloned out dads hand in several of these photos! I tell parents not to worry about me, worry about the baby. I can always retake the shot or clone people out if needed 🙂 So please never leave a baby unattended in a prop!

Baby sitting in prop

Baby's 6 Month photo session

Baby feet

Baby Posing in Bucket

baby posing in bucket

Baby sitting in wooden baby bed

Baby sitting in wooden bed

Baby on tummy with cream hat

Baby sitting in a basket

Up close photo of baby girl

baby girl sitting on a rug

Mom and dad holding baby

Dad holding his baby girl

Mom holding baby girl

Myra's 6 Month Session | Columbia Missouri Baby Photographer

To view Myra’s newborn session click HERE

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