6 Month Studio Session | Columbia Mo Baby Photographer

6 Month Studio Session

Sweet little Gretchen was in her for 6 month studio session a couple of weeks ago. She might just be the sweetest baby EVER! She was such a great newborn and she was just the same for her 6 month session. I love seeing how much they have changed and seeing their little personalities! Gretchen was all smiles and I mean all smiles! We were able to get some shots with her and big brother and he was fantastic with her! This is such a wonderful family to work with! I can’t wait to see Gretchen back again for her one year session!!!!

Big brother holding his sister

Big brother looking at baby sister

Mom and dad holding baby for 6 month photos

Baby girl sitting in a crate

Baby girl laying on a rug

Baby girl laying on her belly for photos

Baby sitting in a bowl

6 month studio session

Baby sitting in a metal bucket

Baby girl pictures on white washed barnwood floor

Baby girl in a white crate

To see Gretchen’s baby photos click HERE

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  1. Debbie L

    Lovely! I love all the natural props and tones of these baby photos!

  2. Oh what a heavenly baby girl, just simply beautiful! Great work Rachel!

  3. Rachel

    I love the expressions you captured on this little girl’s face! Wonderful portrait images!

  4. Anel

    What an adorable and happy baby! You did a great job capturing her personality and the photos of the whole family and brother are just lovely. I’ll be sure to recommend you to all my friends in Columbia

  5. absolutely gorgeous session ! even the baby looks like she had fun 🙂

  6. Ksenia

    So cute! Love 6 month milestone sessions:)

  7. Heather Neilson

    What a gorgeous little girl – and such perfect skin tones Rachel! Love your work 🙂

  8. Annie

    Oh how precious! Six months is my favorite age!

  9. Irene

    What great baby photos. I love this age for pictures. I love when babies are able to sit for their pictures.


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