Studio Newborn Photographer in Columbia Missouri | Maeve

Studio Newborn Photographer – Columbia Missouri

You probably remember seeing Maeve’s Fresh 48 session a few weeks ago. Now it is time to show off her Newborn Session. Maeve came to the studio when she was 5 days old and was a dream to work with! She was a great little sleeper and we got through her session pretty quickly. Maeve has a wonderful big brother and sister to take great care of her. They are both so sweet with her and you can tell they love her to pieces!


Baby girl laying on backdrop

Black and white photo of newborn baby girl

Newborn girl photos

baby wrapped in cream wrap with cream bonnet

Newborn laying on rug for photos

newborn in a prop with bonnet

baby laying in crate

brother and sister holding new baby sister

mom and her girls getting newborn photos

Mom with all of her kids

dad with his kids

dad snuggling his baby girl

baby girl in her daddy's hands

mom holding her baby girl

mom and dad holding baby girl

Studio Newborn Photographer - Columbia Missouri

brother and sister holding new baby

To view Maeve’s Fresh 48 Session click HERE

Maeve’s Video

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  1. Lindsay

    These are simply lovely! Baby girl looks so sweet and pure.

  2. Ksenia

    What a beautiful newborn session. Absolutely love white set up.

  3. Nicole

    So beautiful, great job capturing these newborn moments!!!

  4. I just love the simplicity of Maeve’s newborn photos, beautiful!

  5. Rachel

    These newborn portraits are fabulous! I especially love the ones with all three siblings… and mom with daughter and new baby!! Lovely portraits!

  6. Beautiful little girl and gorgeous photos. Love the simplicity of the color palette and accessories.

  7. Kelly Loeffler

    This ia beautiful newborn session. I love that the whole family is included

  8. Love these photos. Im in love with Maeve. Keep up the good work 🙂


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