Myra’s Studio Newborn Session | Columbia Mo Newborn Photographer

A few days after her fresh 48 session Myra came in for her studio newborn session.  She was such a sweet little girl and slept like a dream!

I love for parents to be able to just sit back and relax during the newborn session.  The only time I ever need mom is when baby is hungry, if he or she is nursed.  If you bring in a bottle I am more than happy to feed them while you use.  I also let Dad rest until prop shots.  Once I start putting baby in buckets I bring dad over to help spot.   We like to make sure we keep baby safe at all time! When you come in for your session plan on just relaxing and enjoying some time while I take care of your baby 🙂


Here is sweet little Myra


Newborn Studio Photos

Newborn Photos

Newborn Pictures

Photos of newborn baby

Pictures of newborn baby girl

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Rachel Demand Photography

Simple Newborn Photos

Newborn Pictures

Simple Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos by Rachel Demand Photography

Columbia Mo Newborn Photographer

Studio Newborn Session

Columbia MO Photographer

Newborn Baby

Baby photos

Parent photos with newborn baby

Parent and new baby photos

Pictures of newborn baby girl

Newborn Pictures

Click HERE to view Myra’s Fresh 48 Session

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  1. Becca Baker

    What beautiful photos! I love the simple, classic and beautiful style!!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are just precious and absolutely stunning!!

  3. Debbie L

    Beautiful pictures! Wish I had these done with my children.

  4. Silvie

    Beautiful images!! Parents will be over the moon for photographs like these!

  5. Such a beautiful session!


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