Well this post has been a long time coming, well about a year coming I guess. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, but it took a few years to lead up to this moment. If you hate to read I won’t know if you just skip down to the photos 🙂

For some reason I really got caught up in work and I put off getting photos of my new, not so new anymore, studio!  I also put off posting these photos, because it isn’t what I call 100% complete!  It is about 95% complete at this point.  I am offering a few awesome new products that I need to hang on the wall and then it will be complete, for now that is!

I tried to keep this blog short, but when I talk about my business it is never short 🙂  This ride I have been on the last few years has been absolutely amazing and I thank God daily for opening my eyes and allowing me to follow my heart and do what I love doing!

My journey started about 8 years ago when I went to Best Buy and decided to buy a DSLR.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing with it I just wanted to take pictures of my kid and them not be blurry.  YES I thought the camera would keep my photos of Rylynn from being blurry!  I know everyone reading this has thought the same thing before!  Oh, if I get a good camera I won’t have blurry pictures.  Well that’s not the case!  That can be another post in itself LOL   So yes I bought this camera, Canon 30D.  Knew nothing about it.  This is the camera my husband said we should get!  His Grandpa was a wonderful photographer for those of you who didn’t know, so I just assumed he knew what was good.  Plus, he likes to sit on the computer and research things FOR HOURS!!!! SO I bought this camera and hated it.  There were way to many buttons and way too much to do with this thing.  I flipped it to auto and went to town.  I “thought” I was taking some great photos.  🙂  So I played with this thing for a while.  Then one day I actually started researching how to use this camera.  I was looking at a lot of amazing photographers online who were making a living out of photography and decided hey this could be fun!  I played some more and then started taking pictures for people.  For free of course!  Now I look back and thankfully those photos were free.  I had no right to be charging a penny for some of my work!

About a year or so after Raylee was born I REALLY got serious and spend HOURS and I mean HOURS doing online training and learning what my camera could do.  It turns out my husband bought me a fantastic camera and when I learned how to switch that auto button things completely changed for me.  I started improving and people started paying me.  I shot my first birth in the summer of 2010 and this is when things really started rolling.  I knew in my heart and soul I was suppose to be a newborn/birth photographer!  This was it!!!!!   Only one thing held me back.  To be a birth photographer you have to be on call 24/7 for 4 weeks.  I had two little kids at home.  No family close to me and my husband was working his tail off  and not counting all the time he spent on the road going to and from work.  It wasn’t falling into place for me.  I prayed about it, but nothing was happening.  I decided that maybe this isn’t what I am suppose to be doing!  I continued to shoot newborns and started adding weddings into the mix.  UGH I don’t know what I was thinking!  Well, yes I do.  I was thinking that was much easier because weddings are on Saturdays and I have someone to watch my kids on Saturdays.

In November of 2012 our world got rocked and I have never been so scared in my life!  Right after Reed was born the company David works for was sold.  Well the St. Louis market was sold and we were pretty sure he was without a job.  We spend a good 12 hours not knowing what was going on.  It was the middle of Nov so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a teaching job at this point.   It was pretty scary knowing you have three little kids at home and your husband may be out of a job.  I will spare you all the details on this, but God was really watching out for us.  David was one of the few that still had a job, but we would eventually have to move.  

Of course, early in 2013 my business starts taking off and I gained a lot of new clients.  It really stunk because I knew I would be moving and I would have to start all over again.  I had worked so hard at this point that starting over seemed terrible!  This is when I started praying.  A lot!  Once I started praying about my business and this move I started feeling peace.  David kept telling me he thought things would be fine.  Finally I thought that myself.  I think I was more afraid of leaving my first home.  The home I brought all three of my kids home to,  the awesome school district we were in and my wonderful friends.  I wasn’t too concerned with my business at this point.

As things started moving along with the move I told David the only request, besides where the kids went to school, I had was I had to have a walk out basement that could be my newborn studio!  A studio was in my 5 year business plan.  I actually opened my business in 2011, so I had until 2016.  He agreed and the rest is history.  LOL  I had these amazing idea’s of what I wanted, but it was hard finding the land we wanted and getting moved out here.  We found a house that was in the process of being build and that was it!  It all fell into place!  We moved in on September 10, 2014 and my studio was ready for clients in April of 2015.  The moment that a dream you have had for years comes true is amazing!  I was over joyed.  I am also over joyed to say that my business has taken off here and I have all the business I can handle right now!  I quit doing wedding’s last year and decided to specialize in births and newborns.  I am still trying to get the word out around here about births, but it is happening slowly 🙂 I have been published three times in online magazines in the past three months so that helps!  I still take on a few family sessions as well as seniors sessions, but no more weddings or events.  There are several wonderful photographers here that do that stuff!  Which brings me to the photographer community here!  I have met some really great photographer friends here!   Everyone is in the business of helping out!  It has been fantastic.

Now for the real reason why I am writing this post is to show off my studio.  It is small, but it is mine!  All mine and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It wasn’t easy! It took a lot of sweat, tears and money to get here, but I made it 🙂  I know some people say they wouldn’t like having it in their home, but with having three kiddos, this is just easier for me right now 🙂 It is my perfect little studio!

My goal is for parents to feel at home when they walk in. I know what it’s like having a newborn and how tired you can be! I encourage parents to grab a snack, sit down and relax. They can watch a movie or catch up on email, or even take a nap if they want 🙂

Here it is!!



Rachel Demand Photography Studio

Rachel Demand Photography_0003-2

For those that would like a little coffee while they wait! I made this awesome coffee bar. My wonderful husband built the Keurig holder for me!
Rachel Demand Photography

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Rachel Demand Photography_0006-2

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

I know sessions can be long so I keep snack and water available for everyone! My snack tray looks better than this before a client comes 🙂
Rachel Demand Photography_0008-2

Rachel Demand Photography_0009-2

This is where the magic happens! My husband also build the stand and whitewashed the barn wood for me:)
Rachel Demand Photography_0010-2

Changing area so parents have a place to dress babies when they are finished.
Rachel Demand Photography_0019-2

Rachel Demand Photography_0011-2

Parents are free to watch as I work or sit down and relax during the session.
Rachel Demand Photography_0012-2

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

Columbia Missouri Newborn Photographer

I supply all the props for the session. No need for parents to bring anything along!
Rachel Demand Photography_0016-2

I even have a few outfits for my little sitters.
Rachel Demand Photography_0017-2

This is my favorite IKEA purchase. This cart has been so handy!
Rachel Demand Photography_0018-2


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